Tax Appeals Import from Spread Sheet

The Tax system can import your appeals from a spread sheet, the format needs to be the same as this example (with out headings).

Once you have the data in the sheet, you can save in in a comma delimited text file on the tax server in your home folder.

The example shown next is done using Open Office, I would do one with excel but there are many versions and each one is different, the same procedures should work with excel.

First Click on <file>

Then Click on <Save As>

The following dialog box will appear.

Where the desktop icon is substitute your server name and user name and press <enter>

In this example its \\ for server name and \joe for user name.

NOTE: you may be prompted for your login and password.

Switch your “Save as Type” to Text or CSV and if you have the option to edit the filter settings check that box as well, then click <save>

If presented with the options of editing the filter selections, use “,” for the field delimiter.

Then click <ok>.

Now in the tax system go to upload/download, and select A – Upload Appeals.

After selecting you printer, you will be given three options.

Select the Test option, then press <enter> to test the file.

You should get a print out similar to the following.

If the test printout looks good, STOP DO NOT POST until you have entered your new tax rate

After your new rate is in and you are in proof go back to upload/download and post the appeals.