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There are options when considering software for a local government. Municipal Software offers unique and concise solutions coupled with a personal involvement. We strive to build long-term relationships and therefore provide updates free of charge with our software packages. We believe you have enough to deal with in your office and battling with your software shouldn't be one of them.

Software Packages

Fund Accounting Suite

Our Accounting Suite features a fully integrated and automated general ledger specifically designed to be intuitive and easy to learn. This design allows for a seamless transfer between budget and general ledger accounts. Included in the suite is a true paperless purchasing system and an advanced browser-based requisition system that allows services to easily extend outside of the accounting office. Reports and other documents can be imported or exported via Excel™ and PDF formats. Users can add additional modules including:  purchasing, browser-based requisition, escrow and fixed asset tracking. 

Tax Billing & Collection

Our Tax Billing and Collection software is designed with a hectic office in mind. Optimized for efficiency, users will notice a reduced number of keystrokes and minimal screen hopping. Receipts can be automatically posted to the general ledger when paired with our Accounting Suite. The software easily automates billing for county, local, school and personal property tax. Additionally, the user can track liens, appeals and bankruptcies. Name and address updates can be imported from NJ State master files. Both in-house and third-party printing is available with the software.

Utility Billing

Like our Tax Billing and Collection software, the Utility Billing system is designed for a fast-paced environment. Optimized for efficiency, users will notice a reduced number of keystrokes and minimal screen hopping. The software automates billing, collection and reporting procedures for single or multiple utilities. Our Billing Preprint feature groups problem accounts to save the user time and hassle. The software’s flexible design allows for generating consolidated or separate bills and permits various interest or penalty calculations. Interfaced with our Accounting Suite, journal entries can be auto-posted to the fund assigned.

Animal Licensing

Our Animal Licensing software is designed to automate the responsibilities of a licensing official. Monthly reports are generated directly to the NJ State Form VPH-10 for submission and self-customized reports are available. Delinquent notices and renewals can be easily generated and updated by the user. Additionally, the user can easily search, sort or group data on the main screen by breed, name, and street. Optional auto-posting available when interfaced with our Accounting Suite.

Miscellaneous Billing

Our Miscellaneous Billing software is designed for simple and recurring invoices. The software mimics a Microsoft Office™ interface, providing a familiar feel and a quicker learning experience. Users can define and collect various bill categories, receive payments directly into the cash register function, and collect multiple batches simultaneously with other users. Like our other software packages, when paired with the Accounting Suite, the software can automatically update the general ledger on an accrual or cash basis.

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